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Why I Started the Jake Taraska Foundation

This world can be broken. This world can be dark. This world can be unfair. We may have no control over the circumstances that we are currently in, but we do have the ability to shine a light in those dark circumstances. A child getting diagnosed with cancer is one of the many examples of dark circumstances. It’s devastating and unfair for a child to go through cancer. Imagine telling your son or your daughter that he/she may not live past the age of 10 or telling he/she that they will never be able to play sports ever again due to their cancer. It’s unfair, it’s dark, and it’s hopeless.

With that being said, dark moments and dark circumstances allow the light to shine even brighter. This is why I started the Jake Taraska Foundation. I didn’t start this Foundation to cure cancer or to promise the kids that they are going to survive. I started the foundation to give kids hope, put smiles on their faces, encourage them to live their lives to the fullest, and to shine Jesus’ light in their dark circumstances. I started the foundation to give kids the courage and the opportunity to share their incredible stories with the entire world. I started the foundation to give kids a lifelong friendship and a community of people supporting them throughout their journey with cancer.

I’ve dealt with a lot of kids battling cancer since the foundation started and all they are looking for is somebody to turn to. All they are looking for is hope. All they are looking for is a community of people that will be there for them through the ups and the downs of their journey with cancer. That’s what I hope the foundation is in these kids lives.

How does the Jake Taraska Foundation help?

First, we get introduced to these children by many different sources like doctors, cancer centers, donors, family, and friends. Then, the foundation makes an effort to go meet each one of them individually and get to know them. The foundation always finds things they have in common and an instant friendship is formed. We make them our signature blanket with their personalized design of something that interests them. Then we send or deliver big care packages with items from their wish list.

Jake Taraska Foundation is about becoming a support system for the child and their family. We help with medical expenses, gas cards, grocery cards, and anything else they may need. We introduce the child and the family to various other people who may be able to help and support them too. We stay in contact with each kids and we help them through their daily struggle with cancer. JTF wants to create a lifelong friendship and inspire these children and families to help others affected with cancer as well.

As a cancer survivor myself, I know the struggles this disease can have on a child and their family. Please consider donating to the Jake Taraska Foundation so we can continue to help children and their families who are affected with cancer. Any amount of money will go a long way in assisting the foundation to do everything we can to support these kids and families. It is because of donors like you that I am here today.

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